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fraud check 20 noteCheck a Note counterfeit detector is in use with a number of Major High Street Fast Food Restaurants, Retailers, Councils, Duty Free Shops and even the House Of Lords.
Simple to use, just swipe the note through unit
Each Refill Lasts an average 2-5 months (approx 4000 notes)
Quick and easy to use, discreetly if required
Disciplines cashier to give correct change
Instant visible result, dark line indicates forgery, pale barely visible indicates genuine note
Affordable tester and deterrent in one handy unit, up to 3 times more ink fill than pens
Tests paper standard & quality using proven technology
Effective on over 200 major currencies worldwide, including English, Scottish, Euro and US $ notes.
Designed and manufactured in the UK
Refills available
Detect only one note to realise your investment

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£17 Check-a-note refill - 2 refills in a pack